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Current LSU Students: As a current student you should already have a Careers2Geaux account pre-built for you. Your username is your LSU email address (e.g.,
Your password is not the same as your myLSU password; it is unique to Careers2Geaux. If you do not recall your password or this is your first time accessing the system, you can reset the password using the "Forgot Password" tool. You will receive by email a link to reset your password.

LSU Faculty/Staff: Email to request an account.

LSU Alumni: Alumni within 6 months of their graduation from LSU retain free access to Careers2Geaux using their email address. (See the process for Current LSU Students, above.) If you graduated more than 6 months ago, consult the LSU Olinde Career Center alumni website for instructions on registering as an alumnus/a. Registration is free.

If you experience problems, contact the LSU Olinde Career Center at